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  1. If anything will do it caustic soda will. Wet down, scrub and rinse. Then seal the pavers to minimise any further problems

  2. Try just the vinegar. The baking soda doesn’t do anything. All bathroom cleaners are acidic (like vinegar)

  3. I heard part of your conversation on Curtin today, but failed to get details. I clean my shower with vinegar and baking soda and it does a great job , except it doesn’t last. You were talking about a coating to put on it enviro shield I think it was called, can you tell me some details on this product and where to buy it
    Regards vicki

  4. Loved your programme on Curtin this arvo. I have Fremantle stone slabs in my patio. I love the birds mainly magpies and butcher birds that tend to perch under my patio. Of course they drop their business and bring up black gunk which has discolored the slabs completely I have scrubbed with bleach ammonia and various other things to no avail can you please suggest a solution? Thank you.

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