Food and Weight Loss #1

Fat is a chemical.

So if we want to remove it, we must first understand what it is, and how it got there in the first place.

In other words, the fat is the result of chemical reactions, and its removal is also the result of chemical reactions.

So we are going to delve into the incredible world of the incredible chemistry of the incredible body.  The reason I used incredibly three times in the last sentence is simply because the human body is a chemical reactor that is complex beyond the capacity of the English language to describe.

In fact let me say this – the human body is the most complex thing in existence.  There is simply nothing in existence that parallels the human body for complexity in terms of its chemistry. So the explanations that I’ll be going through in subsequent days have been simplified greatly, for the simple reason that I don’t want peoples’ eyes to glaze over as they read my posts.

So we will look at the chemistry of certain foods, as well as the chemistry of bodies and the way they interact.  Part of this will be looking at how to interpret food labels, to work out what is really in them, and how they try to trick you with words.

Losing weight healthily is actually not very difficult, once you understand the chemistry of your body.  Tomorrow will will start going through it.

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