White rice and Brown Rice

Hi Dr. Chemical,
My name is Dylan and I’m the founder of https://travelerinfohub.com.
I’m putting together a round-up post featuring experts in the industry, and was wondering if you would be open to contribute your wisdom.
It is about the debate between white rice and brown rice and effects on health.
Could you answer the question: “Is the arsenic levels in brown rice a good enough reason to stay away from it?” and “If you lead an active lifestyle, is it okay to eat white rice on a daily basis?”.
I’m hoping the post will go live on October 10th. Would you be able to get back to me before then?
The article will be shared with thousands of people once it goes live, so I’m really hoping to have your input included.
You can also feel free to provide any links to your personal websites, and I’ll include them with your answer.
Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to hearing from you.
Dylan Wittman

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