What’s happened to laundry detergents?

Just your thoughts on our current Australian laundry detergents! Radiant is now made in China, Cold power powder is made in Vietnam but the company is now owned by German company Henkel, the new formula for Dynamo seems to have dropped terribly for reviews with rash breakouts etc, Biozet is now made in Taiwan! Do you actually feel detergents have gotten better? Some cases I feel the older powders cleaned a lot better? I’ve considered trying Tide from Costco, America’s #1 brand considering our ranges have reduced in quality

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We have been using the American made Amway SA8 Laundry Powder for 40 years. Works well. Never had a problem with left over residue or irritants remaining in the clothes. Seems to have consistent fully biodegradable quality that keeps the washing machine clean too. Although more expensive to buy initially, a 3kg box lasts for a long time.


Check out the MSDS of them