Viniagrette stain on puffer jacket

This occurred at our local fish restaurant. It is quite a large stain so when I got home I washed the jacket twice by hand in tepid water and wool wash and rinsed in cold water. Hung to dry but the stain is still there. The care tag says the shell is 100% nylon, 90%grey duck down, 10% small feathers, lining 100% nylon. Down-proof fabric 100% polyester. (A little confusing). Washing instructions are for cold hand wash only non chlorine-bleach when needed.

I checked with the restaurant and was told the viniagrette is made of blended vegetable oil, vinegar, honey and grainy mustard.

I would very much appreciate it if you can guide me in what to try next as if is a favourite jacket. (Murphy’s law). Thank you in anticipation and for your wonderful service.

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Dr Chemical

Try sugar soap as a spot cleaner. Squirt on, rub in and rinse. If that doesn’t work, go to Bunnings and get some Kenco (it’s a degreaser) and use it the same way. Laundry prewashes thse days are all water based and don’t cope very well with oily stains

margaret graves
margaret graves

Hi. Not sure if I’m replying on the correct post here but I’m about to try your sugar soap suggestion. Re the Kenco, I already have a full bottle of Sard Wonder Degreasing Stain Remover. Do you know of this one and if it works the same as Kenco?

Comment: I notice below your reply the word ‘stick’. Can you explain that please? I clicked on it and all that happened was a little darting annoying thing appeared at the top of the screen.

Thank you.


Good morning Dr.
I tried the sugar soap and think there is a slight improvement.
I have just sprayed the small packing pocket with the Sard de-greaser to test, until I hear from you re the Kenco comparison.
I also had a thought that as the filling in the jacket is said to be 90% grey duck down 10% small feathers do you think a de-greaser would strip them of their warming function? If so I’d probably leave well enough alone, as my friends could not see the stain until I mentioned it.
Thank you for your advice.