Uniform stain

My daughter is coming home with stains on her gold-coloured school polo shirt. Initially I thought they were white board markers rubbing on fabric but I now wonder if it is from her climbing and swinging on the monkey bars at school. The stains are a greyish-green colour and somewhat indistinct (rather than a more delineated mark from paint or ink).

Some of the monkey bars have been painted in the past (including green) and the paint is wearing of where it gets contact from kids. In other places it is the bare metal smoothed by contact. I have tried methylated spirits with no success. Do you have any other thoughts? Thanks, Anna

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Maybe ask the teacher?


I did try mineral turpentine which worked on the above stain but I can’t continue using that indefinitely! Is there anything else that will work on paint stains? Thanks, Anna

Dr Chemical

Try using sugar soap as a spot cleaner. Spray it on, rub it in with your hands for a few minutes and then rinse. If that doesn’t work, get some Kenco from Bunnings. It’s a degreaser but it’s an excellent spot cleaner