Timber smell in new cabinet

We’ve recently bought a timber cabinet with glass doors and shelves for holding wine glasses and decanters. Alas, there is a strong wood smell in the cabinet. What can we do to remove the smell, which is permeating the glassware? I currently have baking soda in the cabinet but it doesn’t seem to be doing much to eliminate the odour.

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Dr Chemical

Yep – not much you can do about the wood smell. If the timber has been freshly machined it will be stronger of course. The only option is to air it as much as possible, but there’s no quick solution. I can’t see how it could permeate the glass, as it’s nonporous, but a quick rinse with sugar soap will take care of anything on the surface


If it’s made of wood then you’re always going to have a wood smell. Unless it’s not coming from the wood?