Steam iron sole plate

My Philips steam iron has a mark on the sole plate that I cannot remove. I believe there is a special cleaner put out by Philips but it’s reported to have a very bad odour and there is concern as to the danger of inhaling the fumes. Could you please suggest an alternative? I’m not sure but I think the sole plate might be ceramic.
Thank you.

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Jac S
Jac S

I’ve used paracetamol tablets to successfully clean my iron.
After trying several different methods found it easiest using needle nose pliers to rub a tablet directly over the stained area while iron was still quite warm, but not hot hot. The hotter the iron the faster the tablet will melt away, lower temps will take more rubbing. Cheap tablets are fine, I don’t know if it’s the paracetamol or something else in the tablet, but I buy cheapest generic paracetamol. Finished by wiping off residue with damp cloth.
Have also had decent success with ironing over a crushed tablet, but this didn’t quite get all the little valleys near the steam holes sparkly clean.


I have tried one or two of the manufacturer recommended products and found they work quite well.

HiSpeed Hot Iron Cleaner was one of them.

Think I bought it in Woolies.

I’ve used it a few times.

I followed the instructions,

I used the product right next to a door where there was a cross-breeze from inside the house to outside.

It was such a quick and effective procedure I was able to hold my breath throughout. I allowed myself the tiniest of sniffs but the odour was not strong nor did it seem that it may have been an irritant.

I then moved promptly away from the area and shut the door behind me and let the room air out.

About 5 mins later I returned to the room and there was only the faintest of odours. Almost no more than any hot iron makes.

My iron was like new.


Hi. I tried the metho on the cold iron but didn’t make much difference. However the stain isn’t too bad and I can still use the iron . Thank you for your advice.

Dr Chemical

It’s a bit tricky, as it depends what the coating is. In my experience they can be easily damaged. I’d try soaking a rag with metho and then rub and rub and rub. It won’t come off easily but will probably do so with some elbow grease