Stamen from lilies stain on woolen jumper

Hi. On a brand new woolen jumper I got a stain from the brownish stamen of some lilies. My reaction was to quickly brush lightly with a tissue but I’d forgotten that’s a no no. I should have used the sticky tape treatment first.
I’ve had the jumper in sunshine for a few days and the mark has faded a little but is still visible. Unfortunately it is right in the middle of the front of the garment. Can you please suggest what I might try next? Sorry it doesn’t show much in the attached photo.
Thanks very much.

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Thank you Dr. After a few days in the sun (the garment, not me!) I washed it lightly with a little biozet quick wash and that worked. Incidentally that product is being withdrawn so I have stocked up with a few litres.
Regarding White King Stain-lift I use that a lot, on your recommendation.
If that doesn’t do the job, I use Sard Wonder, Oil and Grease stain remover with some success.

Dr Chemical

You have to be a bit careful with wool, as it stains more easily than synthetics, and is not as resistant to chemicals. I’d use some White King Stainlift on that (laundry prewash). Spray it on, rub it in with your fingers for a while – the enzymes take a while to react, and need to be warmed to body temp for maximum effect. At least three or four minutes rubbing and that should get rid of it