Removing superglue from car paint

I have spilled a fair amount of superglue down the side of my car above the rear wheel well. I have tried RP7, vegetable oil, tee tree oil and also eucalyptus oil. It is now about a week later so I am sure it has well and truly set as hard as it’s going to get. I have not tried acetone as yet because I’m afraid of damaging the clear finishing coat of paint. I have also not tried using cutting compounds for the same reason. A panel beater has said that I will need to repaint the whole rear quarter panel but that’s going to be pretty expensive. Can you help??
Many thanks, Harry

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Acetone is your only hope, test it on a part of the car you can’t see first.

Dr Chemical

Acetone should work. It won’t damage the paint unless it is an older car with acrylic paint. But yes – try it on an inconspicuous part of the car first. An alternative approach is to use chlorinated solvents. You’ll find this in Polystrippa from Bunnings. it’s a gel that you paint on and works quite well. But again, try on an inconspicuous area first