Remove Tumeric Stain From Carpet

Hi Dr Chemical

I spilt a cup of tumeric latte on my carpet. I treated it immaediately with bi-carb and vinegar, but to know avail. I don’t know what blend the carpet is. It’s a rental property, so I’m desperate for your help.



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Franco Preo
Franco Preo

Even Preen can give you a whole world of problems, depending on fibre composition and what chemicals remain in the carpet after your bicarb attempt. You can potentially suffer colour loss if it is am acid dyed nylon!

I’d suggest a safer (and cheaper) route is to go to your local supermarket or pharmacy and but some 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. First of all vacuum, vacuum, vacuum and then then vacuum again to get as much of the bicarb residue out, using the upholstery tool will work best. Then apply some of the peroxide, just enough to dampen the area and then walk away. Leave for 24 hours and repeat the process if necessary. If after 3 attempts it still hasn’t moved, call a professional.

Hopefully you have a synthetic carpet rather than a wool, and if so this should work. If it is wool, the bicarb will have already chemically affected the wool irreparably as it’s alkalinity will degrade the fibre (typically turns an orange-brown colour).

PS stain removal from carpeting is my job, so I think I’m pretty qualified to answer this question!

Dr Chemical
Dr Chemical

Bicarb and vinegar is useless. It won’t clean anything. Get some Preen Vanish carpet foam from the supermarket – that should shift it