Remove Caustic Soda Residue from floor tiles

I cleaned my floor tiles with with directions according to Diggers Caustic Soda instructions. 2 Litres cold water and 4 ozs caustic soda. It removed dirt and grime but has left with a white veil of residue all over my floors when it dried. I washed it off with a warm water solution and vinegar, and this morning I think I am in deep trouble, the white veil of residue is 100% worse, and the tiles have lost their sheen.
Please help. Thank you in advance Eva, Kallaroo.

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Dr Chemical

If I have the quantities right that’s about 100g caustic in 2L, which is too much by at least a factor of 10.
Having said that, however, a 5% caustic solution shouldn’t damage tiles. And vinegar is certainly the right stuff to remove any caustic.
I’d go into Crommelins in Welshpool and talk to the guys in there. They’d be able to recomment a “wet look” clear coating that should cover up the white. If the white residue is only visible when the tiles are dry, that’s certainly the right approach