reduce shine on zincalume

What is the safest way to take the shine off new zincalume roofing sheets, without doing too much damage to the protective coating. When new it is very shiny and takes along time to dull off much longer than galvanised iron. Is Vinegar OK/enough, or can I use phosphoric acid? Some You tube videos use toilet cleaner that contains weak hydrochloric acid on galvanised roof sheets, but not sure is safe/same on zincalume. any suggestions?

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Dr Chemical

The zinc coating on zincalume is highly reactive – that’s the whole point after all – it’s a sacrificial anode. Any acid will therefore react with the zinc coating and pertially remove it, and the chances are it’ll be less shiny afterwards. But bear in mind if you do this you are reducing its effectiveness, as the zinc is there to protect the steel underneath. A good idea might be to find a UV-stabilised clear matt coating, but I’d have no idea what to recommend. Talk to a paint place and see what they say