query – how to set dye in new cotton business shirt?

05 June 2020.

I have just bought a number of new 100% cotton business shirts with check patterns.

Is there any way to “set” or “fix” the dye before I wear or wash them for the first time?;
and do you have any tips to do same in the following ‘usual’ washes?

I would appreciate any comments or advice that you may be able to provide.

Thank you.

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Dr Chemical

Firstly, dyes in cotton are more firmly set than dyes in synthetic clothes, as natural fibres have more binding sites for dyes (and stains).
There is no process (that I’m aware of) to fix them any further than they are already are. If your concern is the colours leaching out when they’re washed, make sure you use warm water (not hot) at 40deg. It might also be an idea to toss in some dye-absorbing strips too – I forget the brand, but they’re in the detergent aisle in a red cardboard pack