Old glue on sheer curtain fabric

I have some sheer curtain fabrics with manufacturers’s labels stuck on. Some have come off but left a stain behind. Also have some pieces with the labels still stuck on, How can I remove them. I haven’t tried anything for fear of making the problem worse, it is very delicate fabric.

32020cookie-checkOld glue on sheer curtain fabric

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Dr Chemical

Isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) is what you want. You can buy it from Bunnings in the paint section or any electronics store (as it is used to clean electronics)
Saturate the label and it should peel away pretty easily. I suspect that the mark left behind is not the glue, but just the visual effect caused by the flattening of the fabric. But anyway, spray the IPA on and work it in with your fingers – it certainly won’t do any harm