Mould residual stain on concrete driveway

I have a concrete driveway which was neglected for years and had a good coating of black mould.
I sprayed it with an outdoor cleaner for that purpose and pressure washed a lot of it off.
I now have a lot of patchy brown areas that won’t shift at all.
I’ve tried bleaches, alkaline dishwashing and laundry liquids,stain removers and combinations. Abrasive cleaning would do it but is there a chemical approach (not hydrochloric acid as it stains yellow plus safety/environment concerns) that you know would work? Thanks.

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Afrin Khan
Afrin Khan

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Dr Chemical

If anything, caustic soda. It won’t damage the concrete and is a pretty good mould remover. Test a small patch with some oven cleaner and see if it makes a difference. Spray a small area, wait about half an hour and hose off