Marks on window after aluminium foil has been used

My son put aluminium foil on the inside window of our spare bedroom with a water sprayer to help it attach to the glass so as to make the room darker so his baby could sleep better. I was able to remove all the aluminium foil but now there are marks like snail trails that I cannot seem to remove after trying many various products and methods such as eucalyptus oil, vinegar, desolv it, jif with a scourer, Orange power sticker remover, Windex, etc.

30580cookie-checkMarks on window after aluminium foil has been used

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It’s probably etched into the glass. Try brasso.

Dr Chemical

This is a common problem. Brasso might work if you have some around – it certainly won’t do any harm.
For a chemical solution, Al has the unusual property that it dissolves in both acids and alkalis. Try spraying some oven cleaner on, wait a few minutes and wipe off. Make sure it’s a product that contains caustic soda (it’ll be on the can somewhere).
If that doesn’t work, try hydrochloric acid. Dilute it 1:1, then wipe on with a rag (wearing gloves). HCl has very strong fumes, but after a 1:1 dilution that won’t be a problem. Don’t worry if some runs down onto paint or aluminium frames, at 1:1 it shouldn’t damage anything, but wipe it up anyway.
Also wear safety glasses when handling HCl. But despite its strong fumes its bark is worse than its bite. If you got some on your skin it’ll sting, but unlike sulphuric acid won’t actually burn you