Hypochlorous acid

Can you tell me more about hypochlorous acid as a cleaning/disinfecting agent? Is it safe? Is it effective? Does it keep for a long time?
How does it compare to supermarket cleaners that are cheaper and more easily available?

Thanks so much for your website! I’ve learnt to much.

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Bleach is not the same as HOCl. HOCl is more effective than bleach as a disinfectant. A pH between 5.5 and 6.5 is necessary to maximize HOCl.

Dr Chemical

Hypochlorous acid is essentially the active ingredient in bleach. Bleach is NaOCl and hypochlorous acid is HOCl. When you adjust the pH in your pool you are aiming at around pH 8.2. That’s because that’s the pH at which hypochlorous acid is the dominant species. So to make hypochlorous acid all you have to do is get some bleach and adjust it to pH 8.2