How to clean a straw broom

Hi. I have a ‘balcony’ broom made by the Tumut broom company. It is kept under cover but is still open to wet weather. Now it is looking grotty and I’d say it has developed mildew. I called the company for advice but they could only suggest bleach or vinegar. They didn’t seem to know! Their website says ‘All brooms are handmade at the Factory, using 100% millet and quality Tasmanian oak handles.’ Could you please give an opinion as to how I might restore it? I’m sorry for the sideways photo.
Thank you.

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Spray with oven cleaner then hose off after 10 minutes, and/or soak in a bucket of water with a cup of caustic soda then rinse.

Dr Chemical

Soak it in sugar soap and then hose with a vigorous spray. If that doesn’t work use oven cleaner