Glen 20 stain on black slate floor

I sprayed glen 20 on black slate floor which has caused a white stain. Have tried washing it with mild diluted eucalyptus wool wash which didn’t help and then tried cleaning with toothpaste which didn’t help either. Is there anything I can do?

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Dr Chemical
Dr Chemical

Yes, there is nothing in Glen20 that can stain. It has likely dissolved what was on there and redried. I reckon there’s a good chance that if you resealed the floor it’d disappear. Personally I prefer solvent (oil) based sealers in this context.
See if Bunnings will give you a sample tub to try it. Alternatively go to either Crommelins or Parchem and ask their advice. They are the sealing experts


I’m guessing the floor was sealed? It appears the alcohol in the Glen 20 has dissolved the sealer