Glass Cleaners and BAM

Hi Dr Chemical

I saw your article on cleaning glass w hard water deposits here

The Chemistry of Cleaning #3: How to Clean Shower Screens

where basically the soap scum is caustic (base or alkaline? ph>7?) so you need a acid to get it off.

I look up your BAM recommendation but was confused to see the ingredients are NAOH 3.3g/kg , see below

zoom into the label.

Isnt NAOH alkaline? how is an alkaline product suitable then for the purpose of cleaning alkaline contaminates?
even about the glass cleaners described talk about caustic ingredients used.

Further i did find that BAM chanaged their formula here

scroll down to the comment and inserted image from Maus48 where his image shows the BAM ingredient as formic and sulphamic acid.


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Dr Chemical

You are getting two products confused – the oven cleaner and the bathroom cleaner. And yes – bathroom cleaners need to be acidic as soap scum is alkaline. I now recommend Ajax Spray ‘n’ Wipe Bathroom, as it contains lactic acid which works very well