bath soap residue

Hi Dr Chemical
Like most bathroom spa baths, mine has an air button on top to turn the spa motor on or off. It works like a plunger using air to communicate with the motor. Anyway, the switch has become sticky, sometimes taking a few minutes to come back up after pressing it. I suspect it could be because of build up of bath soap residue. Would spraying something like WD40 between the button and the cylinder it moves in be a good option?
Also, what is best for cleaning spa bath filters and piping?

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Dr Chemical

Yep WD40 would work. Or you could spray some Ajax Spray and Wipe Bathroom down it – that will dislodge any soap residue.
If you’re getting the same buildup in your piping, I’d be using any pH reducer from the pool section in bunnings (usually sodium bisulphate or biphosphate). This will provide the acidic conditions required to break up the residue.. Just dump a tub of it in the spa and run it for a few hours