Diggers Paint Cleanup

I’m an oil painter (fine arts) and trying to have a “toxic” free studio. I’m also a severe migrainer so trying to stay away from turps / Gamsol and strong smelling products.

Is Diggers Paint Cleanup safe to use to clean my paint brushes? I first clean my brushes by dipping them into an oil bath and removing as much paint as possible, then cleaning with Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaner. This brush cleaner works well, but it can stiffen your paint bruhes if not washed off with soap (which makes the cleanup a three-step process).

I tried Diggers Paint Cleanup (in a glass jar with a mesh at the bottom to help remove the paint) and it works extremely well. It is also much cheaper than the Chroma cleaner. But I am concerned how toxic it is to use in my studio (and in the laundry where I finish washing my brushes)?

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Great, thank you for your help!

Dr Chemical

Fair enough. Butoxyethanol is harmless. It may have a noticeable odour but it’s not dangerous or toxic at all


Thanks for getting back to me. Here is the – MSDS Sheet

It states less than 5% – 2-Butoxyethanol, plus non hazardous ingredients and water

Dr Chemical

I’m unfamiliar with that product. Does it say on the label what the active ingredients are