Coomercial Cleaning of Waste PETE Cooking Oil Bottle Flakes.

I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am looking for Cleaning Agent/chemical etc to remove cooking oil from waste PET Flakes. It is for a Waste PET to Polyester Recycling Factory.
The capacity of this said recycling plant is 19000 MT/Year
The customer has been purchasing ( Out Sourcing ) Waste PET Flake from some Waste PET Flake Making Factories and they are recycling these waste flakes to Polyester Fiber in their recycling Factory.
This customer ( Waste PET Flakes to Polyester Recycling Factory ) used to wash these waste flakes those they have been purchasing from other factories.
And they have been washing these said waste flakes in their recycling plant before using for recycling process.
The said waste PET Flakes are made from Waste PET Water Containers/ Bottles and Waste PET Cooking Oil Bottle/Containers.
Now they have been Cleaning this Waste Water PET Flake by may be by Caustic Soda and it is ok for them.
But for Waste PET Flakes from Cooking Oil Bottles, the Caustic Soda is not enough to remove oil from this Flakes.

So, they have been searching some Cleaning Agent/chemical/oil remover etc for removing this oil from this waste flake commercially
Do you such cleaning Agent/Chemical that may be used commercially to clean oil from waste Pet Flakes.
I shall be waiting for your response.
Best Regards
Sutail Engineering and Trading

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