CO2 can not cuase climate cnange.

I obtained a translated version of your article with a title: CO2 can not cause climate change (this title is translated from Dutch, which is a translated title out of English.). I believe that the basis of your article e.g. that the CO2 is heated and then transfers heat tot the surface of the earth is not correct.
The CO2 acts like a radiation screen. This screen heats up with the result that the earth radiates to a warmer surface than without a radiation screen. In order to loose enough heat the earth has to have a higher temperature.
In your vision a radiation screen can not function in vacuum. We know that it does function in vacuum.
I believe that the alarmists estimate the influence of CO2 being too high, but the basis of their theory is correct.

Hans Haarman,

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Dr Chemical

Yes that article was a little too simplistic. I no longer bother with debating or discussing whether the world is warming or what the cause is, as the warming lies well within natural variations. The real question is this – if the world is warming (regardless of the reason) why is that a bad thing?

I’ve asked that question of hundreds of people but have yet to receive a reply