Cloudy streaks on glass shower screens.

I have used Sparkle for Showers after showering, not every time, but for the past few years and thought it worked well. Bought a new bottle a while ago and now there are cloudy, vertical marks all over the glass. I have tried everything but nothing gets rid of them. Shower Power, Metho, Barkeeper’s Friend (in paste form, similar to Ajax, car polish, Nifti, Windex, fabric softener (left on overnight), Napisan (in paste form). Any suggestions? I have contacted the manufacturer, Pascoe’s, who said that they would get back to me but they haven’t.

29430cookie-checkCloudy streaks on glass shower screens.

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Dr Chemical
Dr Chemical

Yikes. Looks to me like you’ve pretty much tried everything. One thing you haven’t tried, hoewever, is an alkaline cleaner. Try Sugar Soap. If the cloudiness is only apparent when it’s wet, then Mr Sheen might be worth a shot, as the silicone coating might create a permanent wet look and mask the cloudiness