Clean acrylic windows

Clean acrylic windows

How do you clean the “plastic ” rear window of a convertible hood as in Ford Capri and the like . It appears that the window is “oxidized ” and not fully clear. It is Sun drenched . though still able to see through the “plastic window needs a clean

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Andrew BRUCE
Andrew BRUCE

Brilliant suggestion the Brasso has done a fantastic job of removing the built up oxidation and restored clarity to my rearward vision . several stages will be needed to clear small scratch marks , other than that great advise for a simple solution, Also used the BRASSO restore the wing mirror black plastic housings and other exterior oxidized black plastic surrounds.

Was suggested that “smooth” peanut paste would be an alternative suggestion as a cleaning non abrasive option. I will try the peanut paste to remove scratches along with Brasso.

Great solution to a problem thank you

Dr Chemical

If anything will work it’s Brasso. Rub it across liberally until you feel it turn from coarse to smooth