cement residue on red brick paving

Workmen have repaired a broken slab of a joint driveway with grey cement and this has splashed onto my brick paving nearby. Diluted concrete has also rolled down the slope and is noticeable at the front of my parking space. I have contacted the adjacent duplex owners, and need to submit photos etc, but if there is a simple solution, it might be quicker and easier to fix it myself.
Thanks, Brenda 04572 79512

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Brenda Collins
Brenda Collins

Thanks for your response although I nearly didn’t see it. I had checked the latest ‘answers column’ several times but today decided to click on mine still listed in the latest questions column. Was this a delay in the system (changing columns) or do rookies like me need more instruction on how/where to find their answer?
I had a feeling that some sort of acid was what bricklayers used, so will now “have a go”.
Thanks again, Brenda

Dr Chemical

Easy. Hydrochloric acid, about 1 part in 4. It won’t damage the bricks