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Thanks for the reply. I’ve been making 100 ltr batches of Biodiesel for about a year now using only NaOH, works fine with a good shake up. I also pre treat my oil with the previous batches glycerol, it’s like super drying your oil! Very keen to try the Cement method with the Methanol. I’m currently using 17% methanol doing a two stage 80/20 reaction. (first reaction 80% MeOH, second reaction 20% MeOH with the glycerol being drained after the first stage). Pretty sure I’ll be able to reduce Methanol to around 15% using your method. Thanks again.

Dr Chemical

The ratio is 40/56. In other words, a 10% solution of KOH in MeOH is equivalent to a 10 x 40/56 = 7% NaOH. But I’m not sure that it’s that soluble, although I haven’t been able to find any hard and fast data