BAM Easy off Spray for soap scum formula change

Since finding your site a couple of year ago, I’ve really appreciated being able to scientfically approach any cleaning job. In particular I changed our bathroom cleaning by using only Dove soap and using the BAM Easy Off spray which contained 24.4g/l formic acid and 64.4g/l sulphamic acid. My recent purchase of the same BAM spray has a redesigned bottom which now claims up to 100% soap scum removal (it didn’t on the old botte) but now contains only 7.6g/l of formic acid and NO sulphamic acid. Was it the formic acid or suplamic acid that made it your #1 soap scum cleaner or the combination of both? I’m suspicious the change has made it less effective. Thanks! Heather

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Dr Chemical, Why are you not surprised. This was an excellent cleaner, why would they make it less effective?