Homemade Rat Poison

Got rats? Then do I have the solution for you??!!

this topic came up as a result of a news article regarding so-called “super rats” on the east coast.

Apparently there are some rats that are developing resilience to the traditional poisons.  Some, apparently, have actually become addicted to them.

So, what do we do about it?

Well, it’s not an easy answer.  Rats are very smart creatures, and apparently possess an uncanny similarity to humans particularly with regard to the neural processes, which is where the term “lab rat” comes from.  The reason they are used so widely in neural research is not only because they are firm and, but because of this similarity.

Because they are so smart, they are very good at detecting traps and poisons, and will even smell the human scent left behind on a rat trap for example (so if you are going to set a rat trap, use gloves).

And when it comes to poisons, they behave as scavengers, only edit eating a bit at a time.  Now, as it happens, D chemicals contained in rat sack or “the big cheese”


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  1. I have no idea. It’s been truncated somehow. Weird.

    Mix 1 part weet-bix with 1 part flour and 1 part plaster of paris.

    They gobble it down, and when they dring water it turns to cement inside their stomach. I’m told it works well

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