DIY Firestarters

Last week a listener told us you could use Twisties as firestarters.

Being a scientist I had to check it out of course. And while I was at it I thought I’d check out some other snacks.

So here’s the list:

  • Twisties
  • Chezels
  • Smiths chips
  • Burger rings
  • Woolworths rippled wholegrain chips
  • Chezels bacon boy rashers
  • Peanuts

The test was that I simply lit them and see how well they burnt.

Did the Twistie work? Yes it did, and as it burnt you could see the fat melting and running back down it.

In fact, they all pretty well worked OK, but there was one standout performer – the Chezel. It’s cylindrical shape meant that there was enough air flow to ensure highly efficient combustion, and in fact it was the only one that burnt completely.

So there you go – next time you go camping, pack the Chezels, just in case you forget the firestarters.

No one can say that I don’ttackle the big issues on this blog.



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