Warm is the new hot

It used to be when you were using the HOT cycle on your washing machine it would just pump hot water straight in. WARM would pump both hot and cold, and of course COLD would just pump cold water in.

But that now appears to have changed. My LG top loader pumps both hot and cold water when set to the HOT setting. The resultant temp is 40 degrees. If I turn off the cold tap and just allow it to only pump hot in, it finishes up at about 50 degrees.

The reason for this, no doubt, is that modern laundry powders are heavily based on enzymatic cleaners, and enzymes work best at about 40 degrees.

So I’m curious to hear from others on this. You may not have an IR thermometer handy like I do, but I’m curious to know whether your machine pumps in both hot and cold water when set to the HOT setting. Please comment below, and remember to tell me the brand of machine.

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2 thoughts on “Warm is the new hot

  1. We recently went through the whole buying new washer dryer compare compare research compare. A lot of the newer washing machines have removed the hot tap connection and run cold which is heated to 30-90 degrees depending on the wash type. The normal way cycle was 30-40 degrees, sure to the way enzymes work and the recommendation was to no longer use cold wash cycles or detergents. This was for front loaders. We went with AEG in the end.

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