Useful Gadgets: Lint Magic

The right selection of chemical product is critical to cleaning a surface well. But in recent times, a number of products have come onto the market that rely on their physical properties to do the job.

The best one of these that I have seen is Lint Magic. The principle is pretty straightforward. We have all seen sticky rollers for collecting pet hairs, dust and lint. The sticky roller gets full, and you just peel a layer away to expose the next layer of sticky paper and so on.

But the Lint Magic is even simpler. The roller is a soft silicon material that is sticky. After you roll it on a surface and collect dust or lint (it’s a great spot cleaner for floors) you just wash it under the tap, and all the lint just washes off. As soon as it dries, it’s right to go again – of course if you’re cleaning a carpet you don’t even need to wait for it to dry.

All in all, it’s a very clever product.

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