Turps vs Easy Cleanup

On Today Tonight I discuss the use of two Diggers solvents that you can get from the hardware store – Mineral Turps and Easy Cleanup.
The difference is that turps has a broader range of components, including aromatics. The presence of aromatics means that it evaporates easier, but that it is also more aggressive. That is, it will damage some paints. The Easy Cleanup, on the other hand, won’t damage anything. Also, the turps is a flammable liquid (it has the little red diamond on it) and Easy Cleanup isn’t. That’s not to say that the EC won’t burn – it will – but it’s rather like diesel; it’s combustible but not flammable. So if you tossed a match in it, the match would go out.

But turps is cheaper – $3 per litre vs $6 for the Easy Cleanup.

So use turps if you can get away with it, and Easy Cleanup if you have to.

The EC would be a better option in a parts cleaning bucket, as since it is less volatile it has a longer shelf life.

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