The Easy Way to Remove Mould

For years the traditional way to remove mould has been bleach.

But there’s a better way.

Oven cleaner, believe it or not. Just spray it on, wait a minute or so, and then it will just wipe off. This is a different mechanism to bleach or oil of cloves (which I believe works quite well). The oven cleaner simply removes it, rather than destroying it (by oxidation). It’s quicker too

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4 thoughts on “The Easy Way to Remove Mould

  1. Either type of oven cleaner will do. But it’s not a permanent fix – if there is moisture, then the mold will return eventually

  2. Hello Doc
    I read this the other day when I was cleaning my bathroom it has black mold. My daughter has had mold in her house since she bought it.Still ongoing i called her and said oven cleaner. I presumed it was the caustic one …. wrong or right and will it really get rid of it forever. My air conditioning ducts have spots on it will it peel the paint or damage anything. I have my windows open winter and summer and let the sun in. I would really like to be mold free and my daughter as well as she has small children. Wooden frames in my house that has it as well.

  3. Yep. Oven cleaner is what you want. Borax paste might work as it will be slightly alkaline but oven cleaner will work better

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