New product for cleaning grout

Bunnings are now selling a new power scrubber for the bathroom, and particularly grout. It appears to be essentially an electric toothbrush with a stiffer brush.

I’d spray some oven cleaner on the grout first, however, as that will loosen the grime, and it will come off easily

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3 thoughts on “New product for cleaning grout

  1. Soap scum is alkaline – the alkaline salts (usually sodium) of the soaps. So and acid is used to dissolve it. Elsewhere, general grime is usually organic in nature (overwhelmimngly body fat from human contact) and therefore alkalinity is required to split the triglyceride molecule

  2. Hello,

    I noticed you suggest oven cleaner here, but elsewhere on your site, you recommend acids (like the sulphamic acid in the Easy-Off BAM trigger pack) for cleaning soap scum and grime from showers – what’s the rationale for the different recommendation?

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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