Laundry Prewashes #3

The second type of laundry prewashes are the enzyme based products.

Enzymes are specialist molecules with names like lipase, protease, cellulase and so on. these are large, complex, biological catalyst molecules with very specific chemical reactive properties. In particular, they catalyse the breakdown of fats, proteins, and starches, which are of course mostly found in foods.

For this reason, they are excellent laundry pre-washes for any food stain. there are two products on the market – Coles Ultra Enzyme and White King. The White King product is the better of the two, and will make short work of most food stains.



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  1. They’re a good combination – the napisan contains oxidants that the White King doesn’t

  2. Hi
    Is the White King oxy-lift just as effective in its particular use (in wash stain remover similar to napisan)?

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