My Favourire Products #2: Morning Fresh

How much detergent is there in a dishwashing detergent?

Well, not as much as you might think.  When we squirt them out, the thick liquid gives the impression of being quite concentrated.  But, sadly, it’s a trick.  In other words, an “impression” is all it is.

The reason that they are thick is simply because thickeners are added.  These remarkable products (often clays) are what turns hair gel into gel, and are present in almost every “thickened” cosmetic product.  Present as only a couple of percent, they can convert a water like substance into a honey like substance or even a gel.

And in the case of dishwashing detergents, water is mostly what it is.  Most brands contain only between 10 and 20% detergent. and the el cheapo generic brands are down below 5%.

The standout performer however is Morning Fresh by Cussins.  This product contains about 40% detergent (last time I looked) and is the only brand that can justly attract the  label “super concentrate.”

So if you are buying any other brand of dishwashing detergent than Morning Fresh, you’re being sold short.

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