How to Clean Kitchen Benchtops

There are lots of kitchen benchtop cleaners around, Ajax make a few, even Windex (which is probably just repacked window cleaner) are into it now.

And the reason is pretty simple – everyone cleans kitchen benchtops, so there is a big market.

The best one I have come across is BAM Oven Cleaner

An oven cleaner, you ask?

The reason is simple – grime on benchtops is normally oil or fat based, and since oven cleaners are designed to be heavy duty oil and fat removers, it’s a cinch that they’ll be great kitchen cleaners.

The BAM is particularly good as it sprays a fine caustic mist over the benchtop (unlike the Mr Muscle oven cleaner which is a foam) so you get uniform coverage.

Give it a couple of minutes to do its job, then get a ¬†wet sponge and wipe it up – you won’t believe how quickly marks and spots come off. When it dries it’ll be literally squeaky clean. The “squeak” comes from the absence of any oily films on the surface – hence the term.

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