My Favourite Products #1: Mr Sheen

There are some products that sell themselves.  They may have been advertised heavily in the past, but now they have reached market maturity and are a well enough known product that no further advertising is required.

Almost without exception, products that fall into this category really are good products, as opposed to products that aren’t any good and rely upon a marketing campaign to support them.

One of these is Mr Sheen.  Initially conceived as a furniture polish, it had a very successful marketing campaign and extremely catchy jingle.

Interestingly, it is now marketed a little differently, being sold as an “multi purpose cleaner”

So what’s in it, and why does it work so well?

The first component is a silicone emulsion. This is the same stuff that’s in Armor All and is the reason why it’s such a good automotive product. So anything Armor All can do, Mr Sheen can do.

Next is white spirit, a light paraffinic solvent that is good for oils and greases. Finally, there is a blend of heavier polishing waxes that enable it to nourish and shine upholstery, and provide lustre to timber surfaces.

So what can Mr Sheen do? Well, what can’t it do?

It’s a great furniture polish, it’s good on glass (although must be rubbed well to avoid wax smears), it’s a good coating on surfaces to cause water to bead off (car windscreens and motorcycle helmets, it nourishes leather and makes it supple, and it’s great on the car – either as a polish on the paint, or for making the interior – seats and dashboard – look new.

It’s also great in the engine bay – it makes black plastic components look shiny and new, and adds a gleam to metal surfaces, all the while having grease cutting surfaces due to the white spirit.

The white spirit also makes it pretty good for getting ink stains off leather, finger marks off light switches, and so on.

It is, by far and away, the best all round leaning product on the market, and this is the key to its spectacular marketing success.

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