How to Stop Mirrors Fogging Up

Yesterday I made my latest appearance on today tonight.  I had a lot of fun but inevitably with these type of segments some important details get left on the cutting room floor

In this case it happened with one of the things that was mentioned on the segment – how to stop mirrors fogging in your bathroom (or windscreens fogging in your car).

In the segment it said that you smear detergent over the mirror before you shower.  That is correct, but the important detail that was missing is that you need to rub it until it becomes clear.

Obviously if you smear detergent across a mirror it will do just that – smear.  To achieve the desired effect you must rub it with a dry cloth until it eventually clears – in other words, until all the water in the detergent evaporates.

And this will last for months.  For months after this you will have a mis free mirror.  It’s a remarkably simple and effective trick.

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  1. I’m wanting to scrub my porcelain tile floors and grout with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Will it damage my stainless steel steel or porcelain sinks, when I put mop water in to start finding it off. Or will it damage my brushed nickel drains in bottom of my sinks, when I’m rinsing out my mop? I’m have all new sinks, and plumbing fixtures, and don’t want to chance damaging them.

    Thank you in advance!

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