How to Get Ink Stains off Carpet

Reader Ali asks:

Please advise what is best for lifting red texture pen stains that have been treated with chemicals with no result off brand new carpet.
Thank you and kind regards

This is actually a lot easier than you think.

You can make an excellent ink remover by mixing 5 parts xylene (thinners), 3 parts acetone, and 2 parts metho.

This will do a nice job as a swab. Wet a rag and swab it onto the ink gently. You will see the ink start to come up immediately, although it may spread at first. But just keep swabbing until it all comes up.

The last little bit may be hard to get up – this is the pigment and is the most intensely coloured part of the ink. This last little bit will be barely noticeable, however, and will gradually disappear with regular cleaning.

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