My Favourite Products #3: BAM Easy Off

Soap scum isn’t easy to remove.

It’s a baked-on alkaline salt from soap and calcium and sticks to the glass like glue.

To get it off you need an acid – but not too strong or it’ll dissolve the alloy beading in your shower.

I remember one day I was browsing in the cleaning section of the supermarket, and I was bemoaning the fact that no-one seemed to take shower cleaning seriously.

“Why” I asked myself “don’t people put sulphamic acid in these things?”

Sulphamic acid was made for cleaning showers. it’s almost, but not quite, strong enough to dissolve alloy, but is certainly strong enough to dissolve soap scum.

Then I came across this:

Anyone in the supermarket watching when I read the ingredients would have thought I was nuts because I went “YES – sulphamic acid!”

It’s actually quite unusual to see a cleaning product that uses a completely different formula to its competitors.

But this is one.  It’s competitor – AJAX – uses phosphoric acid: which is nowhere near as effective.


But the people at Reckitt’s have sure got this one right, which is why it’s one of my favourite products.

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  1. After leaving the soap scum and water stains on our shower screens for two years because they were just too hard to shift, I went and got some Easy-Off Bam and sure enough, it did the trick! Instead of spraying it on directly, I sprayed the cloth and then wiped the glass areas only, avoiding the chrome edging and shower seals. By the time I did the third side of the shower, the first panel was ready to rinse off. I repeated this three times without having to scrub hard, and my shower screen now looks brand new. Thanks, Dr Chemical!

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