Number 1 Mould Remover?

Let’s do an exercise in how products are marketed, which ultimately is what determines whether you buy them or not.

Tonight there was an ad on TV for Exit Mould, which said it was the “number 1 mould remover“in Australia.

No 1? What does that mean? Does that mean it’s the best mould remover, in the same way that the best tennis player in the world has a no 1 ranking?

Well, you’d be forgiven for thinking that, and I’m sure that’s what the people at Reckitts want you to think. Unfortunately, of course that’s not the case, as all Exit Mould is, is bleach with fragrance and a bit of detergent added. You see, when it comes to bleach, bleach is bleach is bleach. And Exit Mould won’t work any better than White King.

But no – it actually means no. 1 as in “most popular.” In other words, if you have a close look at the label on the product in the ad, it says “Number 1 Selling.”

So it’s number 1 in the same sense that a record is number 1 – and that’s it. Does it work? Yes, it does, but much cheaper bleaches work just as well.

So have your skeptic hat on when you watch ads and listen very carefully to what is said.

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4 thoughts on “Number 1 Mould Remover?

  1. It also pays to read carefully as well. My wife came home with a bottle of home brand bleach boasting that it was half the price of the White King bleach that I usually buy. She was a little miffed when I pointed out that the home brand bleach contained half the amount of active constituent as the White King. Therefore, you would have to use twice as much oh the home brand for the same result…

  2. It’s strange – “Exit Mould” used to be a sodium hydroxide solution, and “Rapid Mould Killer”, was the same, at double the concentration (decades ago, now), and RMK used to work a treat at getting grime out of the shower – don’t know why they changed it!

    I made some up a bit more concentrated than the old RMK for my mum, after the change, and it ate away the grout, so you don’t want to overdo it! 😮

  3. Nope – exit Mould contained some NaOH but the active ingredient was bleach. And NaOH won’t eat away grout as they are both alkaline. But it will remove mould nicely

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