Can You inflate a Tyre With Accelerant?

There are several videos on the Internet of people using an accelerant to inflate a tyre.  Supposedly it’s a way of repairing a flat in the bush.

So you spray an accelerant like Aerostart (or this one) into the tyre and ignite it.

Aerostart is an aerosol form of diethyl ether, one of the most flammable liquids in existence.  When it instantly ignites, it produces very hot gases that expand rapidly (the elements of an explosion) and this causes the tyre to seat on the rim.

What they don’t show you, is what happens when the hot gases cool – as mythbusters found out. When the gases cool, the inflation of the tyre is lost.  But, importantly, the bead of the tyre stays seated on the rim. This is important, as unless you are able to seat the bead of the tyre on the rim you will not be able to inflate it in any case

So yes, the technique is useful in the bush for seating the bead of a tyre on the rim.  But you need to have a compressor or hand pump handy to begin pumping the tyre up straight away or you aren’t going anywhere

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