Shannon Lush Myths #1

The most difficult part about running this blog is the amount of time that I have to spend correcting the myths that have been placed into the marketplace by Shannon Lush.

I’ve delicately tried to tiptoe around the issue for a while now, but I’ve decided that I can save a lot of time if I simply document the myths as I come across them.

That’s not to say that she doesn’t have some good ideas – she does – but interspersed amongst the good ideas are some very bad ones, and some old wives tales that are just complete nonsense.

Last Monday for example, a bloke called in and said that his clothes smelled after washing. She advised him to switch to cold water, and to substitute 3/4 of his detergent with bicarb soda.

There are several things wrong with this:

1. There is no advantage whatsoever to washing in cold water. Not one. But there are plenty of disadvantages. For a start the fibres are less supple, and less able to release entrapped dirt. Secondly, the surfactants are less active in cold water, and the enzyme activity drops to virtually zero. Also, the laundry bleaches (perborates) are insoluble in cold water.

2. Bicarb is not an adequate substitute for a laundry powder. Laundry powders are very sophisticated formulas with up to 9 different components. Bicarb, on the other hand, has virtually no cleaning properties whatever. (that’s another myth for another day).

So if that bloke is reading this blog, the answer is to use a premium detergent (OMO) in hot water or BioZet in warm water, and hang your clothes out to dry as soon as they’ve finished washing.

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  1. I need help, I had raw fish in my fridge and the liquid of the fish leaked onto the fridge, I didn’t realise for two days, I’ve tried everything even Shannon lush’s suggestion rub normal bathroom soap onto a pantyhose and rub the inside of the fridge! My fridge smells really bad and it’s a new fridge!
    Any suggestions.

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